4ply Carbon Face Mask

carton face mask

4ply Active Carbon Face Mask – Polypropylene fabric+Active Carbon Fabric+Melt-blown fabric+Polypropylene fabric, can effectively block harmful gases such as benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde, odor, etc. in the air, protect human health, and have stronger adsorption than ordinary masks. For the harmful gas, liquid filtration is an ordinary mask 30 times.
Non woven face mask – Soft fabric, non-allergenic, no odor, no irritation to skin, latex free. Read More

Procedure Face Mask with Earloops

3ply Nonwoven face mask is made of soft non-woven, without glass fibers, nose bar adjustable.

Color: Blue, Yellow, Green or as requested
Size: 17.5X9.5cm, 14.5X9.5cm
Style: Ear-loop or Tie on
Material: SBPP + Meltbrown + SBPP
Weight: 18+18+25g, 18+20+25g, 20+20+25g
Option 1: 50pcs/box, 40boxes/ctn,
Option 2: 50pcs/bag, 20bags/ctn,
Option 3: Packing according to your requested